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About Us

Elephants are special animals. At AWE we believe that they should be admired and enjoyed in as many ways as possible so that as many of us as possible can learn about them, understand them and care about them.

We run a responsible tourism operation that offers the highest level of elephant care, food requirements, hygiene and environmental enrichment. Against this background, we’d love to work with you on tailor-made activities like team-building, bush walks, photography and film, or celebrating special events.

Contact regarding reservations for companies wanting to give their employees an experience outside the normal office team-building event. We can offer a truly unique experience for any group, from meeting elephants through our interactions, a bush walk whilst our elephants free range feed or a swim with them in one of our dams.

Our tamed and trained elephants have also been part of many intimate ceremonies, maternity and engagement photo shoots, prize givings and other special occasions with our guests including birthdays, weddings or school outings.

The elephants symbolize strength, understanding, unity, patience, trust and love and can contribute to making your special occasion even more unforgettable.

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