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  • Great Ale
  • IPA and Pilsner Craft Beer
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About Us

Turning dreams into reality, after traveling Europe in search for the best tasting beer and brewing equipment we loved the beer served in Amsterdam, Netherlands. We researched the process and found that the equipment and process came from a company in Austria.

After setting up meetings and traveling to Austria we found the designer brewers in Graz Austria and were impressed in their clean factory. After doing a actual demo brew with them and tasting some of their local brews we placed our order for the comprehensive fully automated 5HL brewing equipment and Shipped it to Harties!

The Austrians travel to South Africa to assemble the brewery at Aviators and they also trained our brew masters while doing our first brews. Aviators Brewing Co currently have capacity for 6,600 liters in our holding tanks and have the ability to keg or bottle.

Our beers consist of an Aviators Wheat, a Red Ale, a Lager and an IPA and we will soon launch our bottling plant to sell our Craft Bottled Beer at The Aviators Liquor Store. (Next door to the Brewery)

Aviators is a family orientated establishment run by family and friends who all share the passion for good food, crafted beer and Aviation, please come and make friends and share the passion in the beautiful Harties

Our Beer:

  • Aviators Red Ale

    Alc. 4,0-4,9% vol. Slightly hazy reddish-brown colour with a medium tan head, nose is sweet and a bit roasty and yeasty with notes of red fruits, cherry and candy, taste is mostly sweet and slightly sour with not much bitterness in the finish and an basement-like aftertaste.

  • Aviators IPA

    Alc. 6,0-6,6% vol. Looking for a little something special?  Aviators “Indian Pale Ale” is balanced without feeling intrusively hoppy.  It’s malty notes make for a charmingly hoppy combination beer.  Free from: Flavour Enhancers, Artificial Flavours, Artificial Colours, Preservatives

  • Aviators Weizen (Wheat Beer)

    Alc. 5,0-5,6% vol. Dark, hazy gold with a frothy white head. Lightly sweet, turns sour and lightly bitter. Medium creamy body with soft pearly carbonation. Interesting, almost a little like a cross-over between Hefeweizen and Farmhouse Ales

    Fly In Aviators has a Private Helipad and welcomes fellow aviators to apply for authorization to land. Aviators is situated in Harties and enjoy the tranquil lifestyle in an environmentally rich countryside of mountains and water. The reduction of noise, especially in this country environment, is an important criterion for us, our neighbours and our visitors.

    Aviators Brewing Company (FAABC): S25 46 54.5 / E027 47 20.2 Elevation: +-4000 FT RADIO: JHB SR West 125.80 HELIPAD: Paved. Unmanned Procedures Apply.

    NOTES: Please note that our neighbours at The Coves Estate has a Private Air Field (+-600m east of Aviators.) The Coves Runway is only for use by The Coves residents and their visitors and prior permission is required. Please try and avoid Flying overhead The Coves Estate.

    CAUTION: Confined Helipad. Trees to the east and Power lines to the west. Please note the Predator Park opposite Aviators (South) when planning your approach. Vulture Breeding Colony 2nm NW, keep clear and sharp visuals for soaring vultures at aircraft altitude.

Important Information

Where: Hartbeespoort

Weather: All weather

Age: All ages

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