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About Us

Cafe2go is fast becoming South Africa's premier provider of MOBILE COFFEE SOLUTIONS. Our iconic branded COFFEE TRAILERS, POP-UP's and CAFE'S are bringing caffeine-fueled joy to events, venues, corporate launches...and even busy street corners...We are MOBILE after all! Owner-managers Jan & Perri Grobler and their passionate team support a growing group of franchisees to combine having fun & earning a fine return on investment.

At Cafe2go we believe in freshness and quality. We love our daily caffeine fix and the vibrant energy that a coffee culture brings forth. From our boutique roaster, our coffee are roasted daily, thus we are able to deliver the finest and freshest coffee you deserve. A good cup of coffee can only be created by a process that is full of passion.

From sourcing the best beans to roasting each batch to perfection, we treat our beans with the respect they deserve. By following these principles we are able to create quality in our beans that gives a smooth coffee taste that satisfies every time.