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Art Gallery - Hartbeespoort Internationally renowned for my limited edition bronze sculptures of birds and marine life.

My sculptures are cast in my own foundry and I have perfected the art of form simplification ,reducing my subject matter to essentials whilst retaining their intrinsic character.

My bronzes can easily be identified by my eye-catching mounting techniques, enhancing patinas and polished areas that imbue my works with life and colour. I also enjoy creating abstract bronzes.

My work has been shown in 35 group exhibitions and four one man shows throughout South Africa and I have participated in 10 international exhibitions.

Corporate & private commissions are welcome.

Packaging & worldwide shipping service available.

The gallery is open every weekend or by appointment from 9am-4pm.

Dietmar built his own foundry in 1997 and is proud to cast all his work himself. He uses high quality bronze and casts in the lost wax procedure as well as using the highly effective ceramic shell technology. Dietmar's bronzes can easily be identified by his stunning mounting techniques and by his very own enhancing patinas.

A brief overview of producing one of my sculptures

The original sculpture is sculptured out of various materials for e.g. clay, wax, wood, plaster of Paris etc.

A mould is taken of the original piece using silicone rubber & fiberglass or plaster of Paris by dividing the sculpture into various sections. The original is removed from the mould & a wax replica of the original is made. This "wax replica" is carefully touched up. Runners & risers are attached to this wax replica as well as a "cup" for the pouring of the molten bronze.

The "wax replica" is then dipped into various grades of sand and ceramic slurry until a thickness of 5mm is reached. The lid of the cup is cut off and the wax is melted out of the ceramic shell. The bronze ingots are melted in the crucible reaching a temperature of 1300'C, which is then poured into the ceramic shell moulds.

Once the mould is cooled the ceramic shell is chipped off and the wire removed. All the runners & cup are cut off and now the working off of the piece begins. The pieces are joined, sandblasted, welded, polished & buffed. The patina is now applied and the sculpture is sealed with wax. The sculpture is then based on the appropriate base: stone, granite, marble, Perspex etc

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