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GZ Adventures - Hunters Rest

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About Us

An Adrenaline Pumping Activity!

We offer variations of the game designed to suit a variety of ages, genders and adrenaline requirements.

Urban Assault

Teams compete in protective overalls, masks and camo. One team defends the buildings in the bush whilst the other team/s attack in an attempt to capture their flag. This is a contact game and will test your skills whether you are defending or attacking. This is a fun and adrenaline filled activity.

Bush Warfare

This is all-out war and kitted in protective clothing teams are on a mission to capture the flag. Our open bush area allows for all teams to take a stand point and set ambushes and assaults to eliminate the other teams. Energy and cunning are required and his is a full contact game.


An easy going but fun activity that sees young and old compete on equal footing putting their skills at scoring from their accuracy of shooting targets ranging from water filled balloons, standard targets, bottles or moving targets. This is a low impact non-contact activity.

Consider coupling your experience with river rafting, quad biking or another adventure experience to complete the day. Meals can be provided making us your choice for birthdays, special occasions, surprises or just a great day outdoors or book a picnic for after your adventure.

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