Isle of Capri Cruises (Boating in Kwazulu Natal)

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R80 per adult

Duration: 30 minutes Harbour cruise

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  • Boating
  • Sea Cruises
  • Harbour Cruises
  • Whale Watching
  • Sea Safari Cruise
  • Private Cruise
  • Birthday Party
  • Wedding Functions

About Us

We will take you on an UNFORGETTABLE boat cruise around Durban. Durban Harbour is the Biggest and busiest harbour in the southern hemisphere. There is so much to see, that the trip would seem shorter, than what it was. We will show you enormous ships up close. We will also ensure that you spend an informative hour on the boat. We also show visitors the different docking points, Cargo Loading Areas and Durban’s famous North Pier, where large cargo vessels exit the harbour through, what with respect to shipping, is a very narrow channel.

Our knowledgeable staff is well versed on local sea and marine life, and is on hand to discuss and answer, questions in this regard. Owner operator and skipper in charge Bennie, has an unrelenting passion for marine ecology and welcomes the opportunity to inform and educate.

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