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About Us

Junglers Adventure Tours came about from one person’s passion of traveling to the most amazing places and sharing these places and experiences with people that are like-minded, people that are curious, people that want to seek more and enjoy life to the fullest by not taking life for granted but rather enriching them with true life experiences.

At Junglers we believe in sustainable tourism as what we see today, we have to leave for future travellers to see the same way you did, and for them to have the same heart-warming feeling exactly the way you did!


At Junglers, we believe in consistently offering the best service possible to any of our clients as we understand that your trip to Africa might be a trip you have been looking forward to since you were a little kid. We understand the implication of traveling costs and saving up to actually make your dream vacation or holiday a reality, and for these reasons we always strive to provide you with the best possible experience. Your feedback is our reputation and we value our client’s response and feedback tremendously, as your opinion and word of mouth will carry a lot of weight in this industry.


Our experience within the tourism industry is what makes us unique. From crawling to running – we have been through the paces of life and continuously strive to better ourselves, improve our product and implement good changes. Flexibility is key, and we are constantly monitoring the feedback from our valued clients to improve where we can.


We pride ourselves in offering you some of the best guides on the block! Our guides are all well trained, well-educated and passionate young individuals with a love for travel and tourism. They are all registered with the correct tourism entities, legally well qualified and endorsed by the relevant training institutions such as FGASA (Field Guides Association of Southern Africa) and DEAT (Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism) as well as all of them having First Aid Qualifications as a legal requirement in Southern and East Africa. Their excellent knowledge, skills and experience will provide you with a fun and educational experience throughout your tour.


Our vehicles have been designed and custom made to provide you as our client with the maximum comfort levels, not only on seating while we are driving but also from a game viewing, usability and practicality point of view, on the tours that we offer. We did all of this without compromising on any safety features as we can assure you that our vehicles are properly and regularly serviced and maintained, as well as inspected on a regular basis. Our vehicles are also all registered as valid tour operator vehicles with the correct Tour Operators Licences. In doing so they had to all exceed quite high levels of standards with regards to checks, inspections and safety regulations set out by the NPTR (National Public Transport Regulator) – They are extremely fun to tour with but also extremely safe to travel in.


Again from our many years of experience we have hand-picked our routes and itineraries as well as the activities we offer on our tours. We pride ourselves in offering INCLUSIVE TOURS as we really include as much as possible in our tours and itineraries. Not only do we take you to the highlights of each destination, we also INCLUDE the group activity and entry fee and transfer cost and park entry etc etc. as stated on our itineraries. One inclusive tour = 1 happy client