Reservations - Kommandonek Resort

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R400 per night

includes entrance fees

Opening Hours

What we offer

  • Log Cabins
  • Caravan & Camping
  • Fishing
  • Horse Riding
  • Game Drives
  • Hiking
  • Bird Watching
  • Cycling
  • Boat Cruises
  • Picnic & Braai facilities
  • Family Friendly

About Us

Kommandonek Resort ,Hartbeespoort Dam could possibly be the most well-known Dam in South Africa. It is a very popular tourist destination in the North West about 30km outside Gauteng which attracts thousands of anglers and other water sports enthusiasts every year who enjoy the big public waters. It is known to be a great Carp Fishing destination with large schools of fish of up to 22kg (and stories of even bigger fish). It holds mostly common carp but every now and then a beautiful scaly mirror makes its way onto the bank.

A private Bass dam is also available within the nature reserve to test your skills.

Harties carp love mielies so your basic feed should include a good helping of mielies and you can also some oily particles like hemp and maples. Even adding some oil to your feed helps to get their heads down. Tigernuts are always a good idea and in some cases (especially in winter) you can do very well on boilies as well. For hookbaits that worked for us: Kaboem stringers, Banana tigers / mielies topped with a bright fake maize or popup Fruity popups and good flavours to use are pineapple, peach, banana and any sweet fruity flavour have worked well for us. In winter don’t be scared to go for a big fishy Boilie (24mm +) topped with something white. Feeding crushed bolies over a big hookbait worked really well against the structures as well.

Enjoy a day,weekend or a full week camping or caravaning on the bank of the Hartbeespoort Dam ,hot showers, security and an array of other activities are available to experience whilst visiting the resort