Reservations - Kruger River Villas

Rates from

R2500.00 for 6 adults

Free standing unit sleeps 6

Opening Hours

What we offer

  • Accommodation
  • Self Catering
  • Swimming Pool
  • Tranquility
  • Animal Watching
  • Abundance of wildlife

Our accommodations are beautifully decorated, well-appointed, and open out onto the wild. We really do have something for everyone. Holidays away from home. The golden carrot that keeps us going to work every day. We save like mad, count the sleeps and then… we spend our time away in a flurry of activity, noise and civilisation. In what feels like a heartbeat, it’s over, and we end up feeling more stressed and exhausted than before… HOW does this happen?!

Can you identify?

Kruger River Villas offer guests the ultimate respite from the chaos. Set in the beautiful conservancy known as Marloth Park, in Mpumalanga, South Africa, our homes in the bush cater to every taste. Enjoy the intimacy of living in the bush with wild animals walking through your garden, without being cut-off from the world when you want to engage with civilisation. With basic supply stores, restaurants and fuel available in Marloth, you have everything you need, including network coverage.

‘Kruger-Holics’ and first time Kruger National Park visitors, enjoy close access to both the Crocodile Bridge and Malelane Gates. At Kruger River Villas, we understand that most people come to the bush to escape the noise and bustle of the world. Here you will find solitude, natural beauty and the freedom to choose how much or how little you want to sight-see or travel.

Many of our guests report experiencing little desire to leave our leisure homes, other than for a walk along our winding Marloth dust roads, or for a bike ride along the river. If you want to really get away from it all, but still enjoy your home comforts, Kruger River Villas has just what you are looking for. You can expect sublime silence away from the cacophony of traffic and your neighbour’s dogs… But, we apologise in advance for the Hyena laughter and the live broadcast of Lion news under the twinkling African night sky… these are entirely beyond our control.

Comfort, Privacy and Solitude...

Each of the Kruger River Villa properties has its own special style and atmosphere, but they are all designed and equipped for your comfort. Mtombo boasts a rich history as one of the first homes in Marloth. Today, guests can experience the authentic charm of the bush while enjoying modern facilities.

Hyena House is tucked in a blissfully quiet spot where Giraffe visitors find the perfect leafy treats. Built with a wonderful blend of bush and colonial styles, Hyena House is sunny and airy and literally opens out onto nature.

Lions Gate boasts a modern minimalist style without compromising any warmth or luxury. Beautifully decorated, this well-appointed home has an open, inviting layout that tempts you to just stay home, enjoy the bush and indulge your every sensory desire.

Regardless of which home you choose, a memorable bush encounter awaits you, as you immerse yourself in the beauty of the wild.