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Your South African Tourism Guide success begins with our Training and Expertise.

For over 20 years tourism guide training in South Africa is our pride and passion.Livingstone Tourism Academy is fully accredited by CATHSSETA (Culture, Art, Tourism, Hospitality, Sport Education and Training Authority of South Africa).

We offer full time and part time courses in several provinces. After our training you will be able to show and explain visitors places of interest, such as historic buildings, gardens, religious sites, museums, monuments and art galleries. If you’re good at public speaking, and you are interested in history and arts, this will be the ideal profession for you. The number of tourists visiting South Africa is growing as you can see in our Info graphic and good Tourist Guides are needed desperately. Employers, Tour operators and Tourists will ask for your CATHSSETA accreditation obtained from Livingstone Academy. Our courses in tourist guiding will enable you to provide the skills and knowledge of a Top Guide in South Africa.

Jacques Nell owner of Livingstone is a former school principal and an accredited Cathsseta Assessor and Trainer. Jacques holds various academic qualifications and facilitates all training’s, he is also the managing director of the Cape Tourism and Hospitality Skills Training Company as well Marketing Director and founding member of the newly established African Dream Maker NGO.

We at Livingstone Tour Guide School South Africa make Tourist Guides representatives of Cape Town and the Western Cape. As a Tourist Guide you significantly influence whether visitors feel welcome, want to stay longer or decide to come back. Therefore you and our training contributes considerably to the promotion of the destination. We believe Tourist Guides must able to give travelers an understanding of the culture of the region and the way of life. You help to protect our cultural and natural heritage by making visitors aware of its importance and vulnerability.

Tourist Guides are often the only local contact for travelers. As a well-trained Tour guide you can therefore contribute greatly to a mutual understanding among nations and cultures. All lecturers and guides are young, professional, highly educated and registered tourism experts. We don’t stand still. Our Tourist Guide Courses are permanently updated to the latest state of the Art.