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SK SAMBU Tours and Transfers is committed to providing a superior transport service by building the most quality programs in the industry and that are useful in the growth and development of the economy. SK SAMBU Tours and Transfers believes that every accommodation is as unique as a fingerprint or as an individual’s genetic code hence we have developed a client-centric business model that is flexible, scalable and offers individual attention. This approach enables SK SAMBU Tours and Transfers to adequately address and give undivided attention to all our valuable clients and trainees. SK SAMBU Tours and Transfers have access to highly competent personnel that will offer travelling solutions based on the client’s needs and budget. Our transport techniques and solutions generate significant business advantages for our clients and produce tangible bottom-line benefits for stakeholders

Our Mission
  • To encourage close and lasting relationships with our clients and tourists therefore building their trust and confidence.... “Client for life”. To produce acceptable profits as a consequence of maintaining client
  • Satisfaction and the quality of our transport-partnership.
  • To set high standards and provide an environment that is conducive to attracting and retaining highly motivated, well-trained, loyal employees, which is the foundation for a healthy and successful companies.
  • To constantly seek ways to innovate, improve and lead in our transportation.
  • SK SAMBU TOURS AND TRANSFERS caters for individuals, Small Groups and big groups including Schools, Churches ,Burial societies and Tertiary Institutions. SK SAMBU TOURS and Transfers, are also specialized on Wheelchairs clients, Pensioners and local clients who want to see the beauty of South Africa and its Townships. We also arrange End Year functions Tours, Team Building and Adventure Tours for organizations, for transportation ,SK SAMBU TOURS and Transfers use fully insured ,air-conditioned Sedans ,Mini-buses and luxury Coaches. Where possible ,we can Tailor-make tours to suit your requirements, hours allocated for respective tours include travelling times.

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